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Providing residents of the greater Annapolis, Maryland area with private-pay, customized Physical and Occupational Therapy Services in their own homes.


Dad is doing well. He amazed me yesterday when we went to a memorial service at the Navel Academy Chapel! He handled all of the stairs, then walked from the Chapel to the Officers Club, because of course, he wasnt going to miss the after-party. (Not bad for a 92 year old with Parkinsons!) An elderly lady sort of gave out half way and had to be helped onto some steps to rest, but Dad powered on. You and your new Aquatics Program have done him a huge amount of good! Mollie, Annapolis

I sure appreciate your caring, kidness and professionalism! Thank you for making a hard time easier. You all are more than therapists, you are special people. I am lucky that you came to my rescue Wayne, Annapolis

I cannot say enough about Personal Solutions Therapy and Natalie Hucke. I can truly say she saved my sisters life by giving her hope that she could recover from the stroke that she suffered last year at the age of 71. From the first phone contact 8 months ago, Natalie has provided the highest level of competence, confidence, and enthusiasm for working with my sister. She and her team have brought my sister from being almost totally paralyzed on her right side, dependent in most aspects of her care and to learning to walk again and regaining much of her independence. I can also say Natalie has been the angel that has saved my life, since managing my sisters care from Boston has proven quite challenging and overwhelming to me. In addition to bringing an extraordinary level of understanding and skill to her hands-on work with my sister, she is also amazingly generous and filled with solutions to the many problems my sister faces as she works to regain her functioning. She is patient, inspiring, and truly gifted in her ability to facilitate recovery from stroke. I have deeply appreciated how available Natalie has been by phone and by email, making my job of being a far away caretaker immeasurably more manageable. I absolutely cannot imagine what I would have done if I had not Natalie and the skilled team she has assembled to help my sister recover. Her services and the level of recovery I see occurring in my sister far exceed anything I could ever have imagined or dreamed of. She is the absolute best! Laurie Brown, Licensed Psychologist, Boston

You have given me hope again. After my stroke and when therapy ended, I didnt believe it possible to continue making gains toward a more independent lifestyleuntil you came into my life and offered your specialized services. I am now looking forward to what my future holds Abby, Annapolis

I so look forward to our appointments, they are the highlight of my week! I not only enjoy the exercises that you provide and the way they make me feel, I enjoy our conversations and the education that you provide. Mary, Saint Margarets

Your expertise services are the only thing standing between me and a nursing home! I look forward to your enthusiasm and positive feedback. You provide me with just the right amount of challenge and you keep our sessions interesting by constantly changing up my routine. My friends that are 10 to 15 years younger than myself are finding it difficult to keep up with me these days! Orlando (Lanny), Annapolis

You have not been forgotten. I am so grateful to you for working so hard and patiently with me. I especially think of you when I lift the walker over a slight barrier. Thank you for all your persistence and encouragment Ruth, Annapolis

You have done so much more than make my dad stronger. You have improved his outlook on life! You have made my dad feel good about himself again. Jim, Edgewater

Thank you for all that you have done to enhance my recovery. I have learned new tasks that will continue to help me. Ken, Cape Saint Claire

I have not driven for years and I did not want my children to have to take time off work to bring me to and from out-patient therapy after home care stopped coming. This has been my personal solution! I get to continue my therapy without having to rely on anyone for transportation. Ann, Severna Park

“It is so nice not to have to drive anywhere. I love having therapy in the warmth and comfort of my own home and my doctor cant believe how much stronger I have gotten in just a few weeks.”    Kaye, Annapolis

I love the professionalism, convienence and personalized attention that the therapists provide. Lee, Arnold